Nuclear Non-Proliferation Experience

Experts in assisting with securing & protecting nuclear and radioactive material.

Proven Performance

Apogee’s team offers a depth of experience and proven performance in securing at-risk nuclear and radiological material from malevolent use ranging from physical and cyber security at sites to interdicting illicit trafficking at borders, seaports and airports.

Radiation Portal Monitors

Apogee installs integrated sustainable radiation detection equipment at select international land border crossings, airports, feeder ports and seaports in cooperation with international partners around the world in order to strengthen the overall capability of partner…

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Integrated Mobile Detection Systems (MDS)

As subject matter experts in Integrated Mobile Detection technology, Apogee leads engagements for clients in need of sourcing, procurement, delivery, and deployment of MDS to ensure all requirements and exemptions are met. Sample Project Apogee…

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Long Lead Procurements

Apogee has in depth experience with all aspects of fully functional Long Lead Equipment from procurement to shipping and deployment. Sample Project As Long Lead Procurement manager, Apogee oversaw and executed on all aspects of…

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Border Security

Apogee has designed, provided, constructed, and integrated systems and related equipment for critical locations related to border security to assist law enforcement agencies with preventing the smuggling of nuclear or radiological material across borders Green…

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Biometrics Technology Evaluations (BTE)

Apogee is well equipped to perform Biometrics Technology Evaluations (BTE) and provide actionable reports with detailed descriptions of methodology as well and application. Sample Project Biometrics Feasibility for Securing Remote Areas Apogee was contracted to…

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Cyber and Physical Security Systems (CPSS)

Implementing cyber and physical security enhancements at government, commercial, and private facilities protecting radioactive material both domestically and internationally. As Lead Coordinator for various projects and teams, Apogee provides support on a range of activities,…

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Nuclear Non-Proliferation


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