Cyber and Physical Security Systems (CPSS)

Implementing cyber and physical security enhancements at government, commercial, and private facilities protecting radioactive material both domestically and internationally.

As Lead Coordinator for various projects and teams, Apogee provides support on a range of activities, including but not limited to:

  • Providing consultancy on Cybersecurity of radioactive material to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) through radiological security training programs, participation in working groups and developing Technical Documents that provide guidance on cyber security efforts.
  • Supporting federal project managers and collaboration with HQ staff, national laboratory personnel, U.S. interagency officals and international partners.
  • Leading the creation of cyber security guidance for program-wide use.
  • Conducting cyber/physical security assessments at partner sites in consultation with HQ staff and lab project teams.
  • Developing cyber/physical security awareness training for HQ staff on issues specific to security equipment, cyber security awareness training for sites receiving security enhancements, and training for physical protection experts providing support from the laboratories.
  • Providing cyber security subject matter expertise (SME) at the nuclear/cyber interagency working group, the national security council cyber nuclear sub-policy coordinating committee and other working groups.
  • Developing plausible cyber/physical security scenarios for use in program vulnerability assessments.
  • Providing SME input/review to studies including current study on “analysis and mitigation of cyber attacks on radiological material transport vehicles.”
  • Conducting cyber/physical security assessments of deployed equipment.

Managing the testing of equipment developed or funded to ensure provided security equipment does not introduce cyber security vulnerabilities to a site when this equipment is installed and introduced.

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