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Apogee’s team offers a depth of experience and proven performance in providing secure warehousing, inventory control and transportation of specialized equipment both domestically and internationally to successfully execute projects for and on behalf of the United States Government, primarily providing expert delivery for critical overseas deployment and implementation programs in support of U.S. national security mission areas.  Apogee has provided logistical support and critical warehousing storage for specialized equipment for multiple Government clients.

The Apogee Team recently constructed and operates a 37,500 square foot multi-use high-bay warehouse on six acres with an interior protected laydown yard.  The Apogee-owned facility also has multiple offices to provide Government clients a state-of-the-art turnkey solution for their warehouse, inventory management, logistics, procurement and project execution needs.  This innovative warehouse design incorporated security, safety and operational considerations to maximize the safeguarding of specialized and sensitive government equipment and optimize the efficiency of equipment handling and movement from receipt to shipping to project reporting and contract administration.

Apogee has decades of experience providing warehousing, inventory, logistics services and material acquisition support for federal government clients.  The Apogee Team is currently storing and maintaining a variety of Radiation Portal Monitors (RPMs) at its warehouse.  In addition, Apogee has extensive experience in providing preventative maintenance, repair, testing, assembly, modification services and developing disposition pathways in support of various RPM systems.  The level of inventory control and equipment handling required for these various commodities are commensurate with the requirements set forth by their client and those processes and protocols can be easily customized to suit other clients’ needs.

Our extensive proven history in supporting these applicable mission areas has enabled the Apogee Team to recruit and retain a cadre of highly skilled, warehousing, logistical and acquisition personnel that we feel are uniquely qualified to fulfill the technical, integration, administration, execution, and quality aspects of this Sources Sought.  We are highly proficient at providing sufficient personnel to meet the support services demands and our staff maintain current, appropriate certifications/licenses for the equipment they handle and the systems utilized for tracking, accounting and reporting.

In addition to equipment handling, we have considerable experience in the staging, kitting and packaging of sensitive, specialized equipment, including years of these types of activities with RPMs of various makes and models for a variety of federal clients.  The warehouse contains a calibration scale and several commercial-grade forklifts with extended forks and accompanying certified forklift operators.

And Apogee also provides transportation services to safely and efficiently deliver and pick up these specialized pieces of equipment across North America.  They have a variety of commercial freight trucks to handle a multitude of client requirements with a constant focus on safety and the security and safe-keeping of in-transit cargo.


Apogee provides truckload common carrier services throughout the contiguous United States and Canada in compliance with State and Federal Regulations. Our team offers robust qualifications and extensive expertise including:

  • Current on all licenses, certificates, and permits required to transport various commodities and components.
  • Diverse and in-depth knowledge of both commercial and government practices based on transporting general freight, construction products including pre-cast components, and materials.
  • Our fleet consists of commercial tractor trailers, and specialized equipment and materials (i.e., chassis, flatbeds, slide-axle trailers, tie-downs, etc.).
  • To mitigate any damage to the payload, all tractors and trailers are equipped with air ride systems.
  • All equipment is maintained in compliance with US DOT, Transport Canada, and multiple State DOT, port of entries and shipping ports’ licensing requirements.
  • A full-service fleet maintenance facility promoting a robust recycling program which includes antifreeze, engine oil, and tires. All equipment is Port and Clean Idle certified and registered in the Drayage Truck Program by the California Air Resource Board.

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