Program & Project Management Capabilities

Providing advanced program integration and project management execution to our valued customers using tools, processes and a world-class workforce.


Program & Project Management Tools

Apogee’s proprietary OneSource platform offers a one-stop solution for tracking and managing programs and projects. Our OneSource platform features:

  • Secure repositories for document management and storage of deliverables, plans, forms, and templates.
  • Dashboards that track finances, materials, manpower, and schedules.
  • Initiates workflow between accounting, contracts, projects, and other support organizations.
  • Easy integration with industry standard tools enabling Apogee’s project teams to effectively analyze, share, and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.

Planning & Oversight Processes

Apogee’s project teams develop customized Program Management Plans based on the needs and specifications of each client’s project. All plans provide overall program management, planning, and oversight. As part of your Program Management Plan, Apogee is committed to:

  • Timely submission of deliverables, property administration, preparation for and participation in program planning meetings and conferences.
  • Contract management including cost accounting, indirect rate management, acquisition management, project controls, estimating, quality and strict adherence to contractual terms and conditions.
  • Maintaining a web-based reporting system to manage the documentation and deliverables in accordance with the Web­Based Reporting System Plan.
  • Conducting engineering analyses, root cause analyses, and other lessons learned exercises and execute corresponding value engineering solutions, mitigation measures and record the requisite documentation 

Consultancy Services

Apogee provides consultancy services supporting an array of initiatives that help clients solve their toughest challenges, including but not limited to:

  • Thought leadership on strategic plan development.
  • Program management lifecycle plan development.
  • Program prioritization methodologies.
  • Internal control reviews to ensure project adherence to programmatic guidelines with documented results including recommendations for improved project execution.
  • Conducting project management training and institutionalizing project management best practices.
  • Establishing program performance measurement tools and processes to ensure client objectives are defined, monitored, achieved and reported.
  • Risk identification and reporting to include guidance on mitigation measures as well as comprehensive assessment reports complete with corrective action recommendations.

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Program & Project Management


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