Apogee has designed, provided, constructed, and integrated systems and related equipment for critical locations related to border security to assist law enforcement agencies with preventing the smuggling of nuclear or radiological material across borders

Green Borders Sample Project

Scope of the work for securing green borders included:

  • Developed a Summary Equipment Document of all equipment associated with procurements based on discussions held with the Government and then performed an Engineering Site Survey focused on the anticipated operating environment, power availability, workstation placement, communications infrastructure placement, camera placement, and sensor placement when relevant.
  • Provided designs for all systems that were being procured under this effort demonstrating that the systems meet operational requirements, withstand environmental conditions, integrate into existing infrastructure or systems, and facilitate long term operation and maintenance by partners.
  • Provided an Inspection and Testing Package identifying testing procedures for evaluating functionality of all equipment and systems procured along with individual test scripts for each type of equipment and system demonstrating all relevant components are present and that equipment meets operational requirements found in the Equipment List.
  • Developed a Market Research Report summarizing all equipment necessary to support this effort and identified long-lead equipment items that had significant schedule impacts for which mitigation strategies were proposed.
  • Purchased, shipped, and delivered equipment identified in the Equipment List.
  • Developed a Transfer of Custody Letter for transferring ownership of equipment between the U.S. Government and the appropriate government organization and completed TOC Letters for equipment provided under this effort to facilitate the transfer.
  • Arranged for in-country storage of parts and materials, and assembled units associated with this effort ensuring systems were stored in secure location(s) and under environmental conditions suitable for maintaining the technical capability of the equipment.
  • Conducted the necessary installation activities related to systems provided under this effort.
  • Facilitated with the Government performing functional tests of installed systems and conducted contractor only pre-testing.
  • Facilitated with the Government performing observations and basic functional tests of systems.
  • Provided maintenance and repair of installed equipment and software including GFP and provided necessary parts for this maintenance and repair function.
  • Scheduled, hosted, and participated in a Scoping Meeting with team members, then submitted a Scoping Meeting Summary detailing items discussed, issues raised, solutions agreed upon, and remaining open action items.
  • Submitted a Preliminary Design Package for design approval including drawings of the MDS unit with MDS skid and vehicle modifications, drawings showing basic arrangements of components and overall dimensions of MDS skid, inventory of MDS skid components.
  • Delivered final designs incorporating any changes from the Preliminary Design Review that provide for a fully designed, integrated, deployable and fully functional mobile system in accordance with the agreements with the Government as determined in scoping meetings, Design Requirements Documents, and all other current program guidance and requirements.
  • Purchased, assembled, and integrated all associated equipment into four fully functional Mobile Detection Systems.

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