Integrated Mobile Detection Systems (MDS)

As subject matter experts in Integrated Mobile Detection technology, Apogee leads engagements for clients in need of sourcing, procurement, delivery, and deployment of MDS to ensure all requirements and exemptions are met.

Sample Project

Apogee secured panel vans with radiation detection equipment, cameras, and computer systems installed. Including procuring all components of the system, arranging for delivery to the central warehouse and ensured systems were assembled, tested, and ready for deployment. All MDS systems were developed in accordance with program-approved designs. The scope included four fully functional MDSs and other equipment.

Apogee provided oversight of all construction and integration activities at all sites, including:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of schedule performance, establishing a logic sequenced, resource loaded WBS for work activities, incorporating a list of program milestones and test events.
  • Submission of daily site reports and a weekly report.
  • Provision of logistics services including in-country coordination, in-country air/land travel arrangements, training efforts, translation/interpretation, permitting, procurement, and subcontracting.
  • Arranging for in-country storage and providing delivery of equipment to include coordination and shipment of equipment purchased by other organizations.
  • Obtaining Value Added Tax (VAT) exemption for all equipment, materials and services provided by subcontractors in accordance with applicable documentation and requirements.

Core Capabilities


Program & Project Management


Logistics Management



Nuclear Non-Proliferation


Nuclear Environmental Management


Warehousing & Transportation



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