Radiation Portal Monitors

Apogee installs integrated sustainable radiation detection equipment at select international land border crossings, airports, feeder ports and seaports in cooperation with international partners around the world in order to strengthen the overall capability of partner countries to deter, detect, and interdict illicit trafficking of nuclear and  radiological materials.

Integration activities for the design, construction, and integration focus on:

  • Standardized installation designs, equipment, and communication systems to the maximum extent possible;
  • Site designs that are cost effective, easily installed, and provide optimal efficacy; and
  • Installations that minimally disrupt commerce and movement of people and cargo and that are easy to configure, use, and maintain.

Under this program Apogee has installed these systems at   over 200 border crossings, airports, railheads, ports of entry and other checkpoints in over 10 countries over seven years working simultaneously in numerous countries. Apogee   successfully integrated these implementation efforts  involving multiple stakeholders in mostly developing countries in extremely austere environments . Apogee has successfully performed the technical requirements necessary for installation of individual sites, supported critical sustainability efforts including maintenance, training and other related initiatives as requested by the client and partner countries.

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